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Houses of the future

Lindemann Group - CEO Middle East: Houses of the future


Tobias Lindemann, CEO of the White Sky Group, shares his vision for how the sustainable housing of the future may develop. What do you think of the current status of sustainability? What will buildings in the GCC look like in a few years’ time? Here’s one possibility: the White Sky iHouse is an innovative concept that aims to bring futuristic, zero-energy or plus-energy houses to the region.

Tobias Lindemann says that these 300m2 houses have the potential to revolutionize the residential market – combined with brand environments and latest technologies, the White Sky iHouse integrates holistic planning with full and operating electromobility.
“I think there is a need for urban strategies that are not only sustainable, but go beyond that,” Lindemann says. “The iHouse, with its closed life-cycle and zero-energy concept, is an example of that.”

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