Lindemann Group - Architecture


We execute iconic and groundbreaking projects, based on professional project transaction and supervision from concept to completion.

Lindemann Group - Design


“Innovationskraft by Nature” describes Lindemann’s design process behind the planning stages of stunning developments.

Lindemann Group - Planning


The realization of sustainable and energy-efficient master plannings is our main way to define the next generation urban design.

Lindemann Group - Consulting


Lindemann offers top level consulting services for governmental agencies, corporate and private clients, airport authorities and universities.

Lindemann Group - Research


Lindemann is running research labs with industry players and Technical Universities in Germany to develop new technologies and invest in the future.

Lindemann Group - Ventures


We create sustainable business opportunities for investors and clients. Linemann innovates real estate portfolios developing cutting edge design strategies.

What we provide

Lindemann is best known for creating futuristic plus-energy houses with combined electromobility and award-winning megaprojects in GCC.

Currrently, Lindemann has offices in Abu Dhabi, Bad Oeynhausen, Cologne and Munich. The range of projects locations is truly international, from Germany to Saudi Arabia and from the Emirates to UK and Australia.

The growing venture works on iconic real estate projects of all sizes. From project development, analysis, early design, research and feasibility studies to BIM and final construction. Our client services include Architecture, Design, Planning, Consulting, Research and Ventures.